Gold Metamorphosis

Gold Metamorphosis is a private company with a vision to promote and deliver to consumers only top quality agricultural products with an authentic and rich taste, particularly extra virgin olive oil and honey, from the area of Molaoi in Monemvasia, Greece. Our passion derives from our dedication to the development of packaged products of the highest quality, in accordance with European Union health recommendations and standards. From the tree to your plate, we show meticulous care in following every procedure for the harvesting of olives and the extraction of our extra virgin oil, as well as the collection of our honey, always aiming to deliver products with unparalleled health benefits. Honesty and integrity are core values to us. We believe that a healthy lifestyle and diet should never be a privilege; it should be a right, accessible to all. Our “recipe” is pure and simple: quality, quality, quality – and respect for consumers. In Gold Metamorphosis we share these values and want to raise awareness of the importance of consuming top quality agricultural products, taking into consideration our customers’ health benefits, tasting pleasure, and happiness.

Mission and Aspirations

• Our long-term vision enhances the aspiration towards more and more excellence, expertise, and hard work.
• To promote and deliver to consumers only top quality agricultural products with an authentic and rich taste.
Passion for quality and attention to details.
Respect to consumers needs and desires in line with our values and the values of our society.
Enjoy only nature’s best simply and meaningfully.
Raise awareness and importance of health benefits.
Preserve authenticity and quality in all of our products.

Region of Production

• From olive groves of the historic Monastery in Molai, Laconia. Situated 275kms from Athens, 60kms from Sparta and 25kms from Monemvasia by car. Dating many centuries with written evidence from the Byzantine era.
• Thanks to the monks of Metamorphosis, who choose the best locations for planting on hilly slopping terrain with natural drainage – the type of drainage that allows the trees to produce a full bodied extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity and delicate well-balanced taste naturally rich in Polyphenols.


Our olive groves are situated in the upper west part of the easternmost peninsula of the Peloponnese, in the location Gagania, close to the village of Molaoi, district of Monemvasia, prefecture of Laconia, Greece, 275 kilometers from Athens, 60 kilometers from Sparta and 25km from Monemvasia by car.